I made Laundry++, a short game about a shitty experience I had, to show folks why I'm afraid to be in public spaces as a trans woman. It takes about 5 minutes to complete. 

If you liked this one, check out the other laundry-inspired games on my page!


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It feels weird to say I "enjoyed" this, but I did. Super good use of bitsy, both in the general sense of creating pixel game environments and more specifically in using the spaces to convey your experience. Is it awful to say that the little dancing dicks made me laugh? Because they did. Thank you for sharing this.


Thank you!! I have a perverse sense of humor, so I understand lol


Creative great work. Thanks for sharing your experience. You´re fantastic!

thank you!!







rly creative bitsy work, that shit sux :(

the worst i ever got was some dude telling me "im mad homophobic, but i respect you for doing you" and then telling me to punch ppl in the face if they "mess with you for being gay", so.

i rly liked this work! i think it did a lot of cool stuff with the tools, and rly felt like something that it *took* bitsy to properly tell, instead of like something hampered by the parameters of bitsy, if that makes sense


thank you! 

people like that leave you feeling like ... what ... how do i even  .. . . .... .

it wouldnt have been made without bitsy since i really just wanted a simple interactive narrative. so bitsy was perfect!


Hey Juno. When I first played this I wasn't logged in but I just wanna say I love you. This game speaks to me a lot.


yay! im so glad :D


Oh my, that guy was a creep; how can he act like he owns the world and stuff?

I doubt that he will be the last crazy person you encounter in life, so stay strong and persevere :)


thank you for the encouragement!!


God, that's really awful. Thank you for sharing this Juno. Having this experience wrapped up in a game is a good tool for showcasing the shit trans folx have to deal with.

Fan of the color scheme and sprite work! It all reads really well and cleanly, especially the blinking screen transition areas.


thank you ayla! i hope so.

im glad it reads well. this was my first time doing anything pixel-y, so im still trying to work out how to represent things using 8x8 tiles.

also, thank you for the support! i really appreciate it (:

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(he thought my name was june)

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noooo i misunderstood ):

Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry you went through that and thank you for making such a lovely experience <3

thank you for playing and the compliment! i hope folks get something out of it

i love this game. :)

im glad !!

You're Welcome, was this made in Bitsy?  :D

yup. this was the first time ive really used it. i love it!

Your first time, amazing. better than anything i scraped! this (might) be one of the best Bitsy game yet. :)


BTW I Made A Fan Game: https://blubber34.itch.io/short-laundry-game-for-juno-am Hope You En joy!


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Good little experience. interesting and worth a play

also some banger music


thanks for playing!